Graphic Design

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Graphics are the key to a stunning website design. They are also important for branding. This is why Efficient Presence focuses on using original and creative graphic art to incorporate into its website designs. Why fill a space with boring color when it can be filled with texture and nuance? Logos, photos, unique navigation menus, slide shows, and graphic art are all in our repertoire.

Branding. Having a unique and clean logo is an important part of an organization’s identity. It is often the first thing that distinguishes a professional group from the armatures. A unique and simple logo can say a lot about you’re organization and cause clients and customers to remember you instead of your competition.

Efficient Presence can create a new and original logo, convert a current logo into a variety of graphic forms, or simply incorporate a current graphic logo into a theme or brand. Along with your website, we can also provide branding materials and graphics, including business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures, and desktop backgrounds..