Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving where a website appears in search results for desired key words and phrases. SEO efforts focus in three areas: Content of the website, certain elements in the html code, and proper submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DMOZ.

Website content. This is the most involved aspect of SEO, and will require both your knowledge of your industry and the expertise of Efficient Presence. Search engines work by showing their users web pages that seem most relevant to the provided search phrase. This relevance is determined by a highly sophisticated set of algorithms and data sets, including the behavior of users. This means that the best way to improve the search ranking of a website is to improve the information and content it provides.
Efficient Presence will perform an analysis of current trends and determine the most popular search phrases used to find websites like yours, as well as the amount of competition for those phrases. We can then advise you in modifying current website content and the creation of new content that will result in attracting the most visitors to your site.

In recent years search engines have become extremely powerful. Competition among the big search engine companies is intense, so each company works tirelessly to improve their systems and produce the most useful information to their users. This means that the core principle of effective SEO is simply to provide the most useful information to visitors. This also means that there are no guarantees, and no honest SEO expert will make promises.

html elements. All websites created by Efficient Presence follow best practices regarding SEO and accessibility. We can also examine your current website for SEO problems and offer ways to make improvements. A few examples of these kinds of improvements might include adding an ‘alt’ tag to images describing the image, adding a unique ‘title’ tag to the head of each web page, and using text in menus instead of images.

Search engine submission. Submitting your website to search engines is a simple process that hardly warrants a fee. The complicated part is providing the search engine with a valid and accurate XML sitemap. Efficient Presence can equip your website with a system that will automatically maintain an XML sitemap of all your content and make it available to the important search engines.