Choosing a Domain Name

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A domain name is the friendly name used to access your website. The domain name for this website is You don't have to have a website to get a domain name, in fact, it's a good idea to register for one or more domain names as early as possible. You can register your domain name(s) with any domain name host, and all of these sites allow you to check for availability.

If your website will be representing an organization, using that organization's name as the domain name is a good idea. If the website will be representing a business, especially if you will be promoting the website with advertisements, it's essential to use a .com domain name, as apposed to .net, .org, and other types of domain names. People are accustomed to the .com extension. If you spend thousands of dollars advertising, you will inadvertently send people to

Short domain names are also an advantage. They are easier to say, read, and type. However, short domain names are becoming scarce. If you're lucky, one or more of your domain name ideas will be unregistered. In this case you can register it for a small yearly fee of around $10. If your favorite idea is registered, it probably means it's in use. If not, the owner is either holding it for future use or has it up for sale, meaning the current owner is willing to transfer ownership of the domain to you for a price, which could be any amount. If the domain is in use, it is still possible to obtain depending on its worth to you and the current owner.

Once your domain(s) is registered it belongs to you as long as you keep the registration renewed. If you domain is in high demand or cost a lot to obtain, it would be wise to register it for many years and us auto renewal with your domain host.

The final step is pointing your domain name at your new website. This can happen as soon as construction begins on your website, and involves a simple setting with your domain name host that Efficient Presence will provide you.