Choosing a Website Developer

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If you’ve already chosen Efficient Presence as your website developer, this step is complete. You did a great job. Thank you! However, if you’re still looking, you have a good start. By following these 8 steps you have the basic information and knowledge to begin your search.

It helps to understand the different types of website developers and website development firms available. Website technology is moving very fast. Today, anyone can build a powerful website. There are software packages and preconfigured CMSs that make it easy for you or a member of your staff to create a nice looking website. However, these websites are rarely successful, especially in the face of competition. Also, they rarely leverage all the available technology appropriate for your project.

Besides do-it-yourself websites, another very inexpensive option is to hire an overseas firm. Sometimes you can get a lot of work done for very cheap this way. The two problems with overseas firms are communication and legal recourse. It’s a common problem when hiring these inexpensive development firms to end up with a product other than what you ordered, and once you’ve made payment, there’s little you can do. There is also the habit of these firms to promise everything and deliver very little.

Hiring a domestic website designer is the best way to have a successful project. Ideally the developer should have examples of past work and be focused on your success. The size of the firm isn’t as important. Larger firms tend to get your project done faster, but smaller firms are more interested in making your website successful.

Efficient Presence is an example of a small website development firm located in the United States. We’re a small group of dedicated developers and graphic designers. We also do not have a marketing department or sales associates, so we must focus on our client’s success so that our work speaks for itself.