Design Intent

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The goals that your organization wished to achieve with its website and web presence is ofter called the design intent. Efficient Presence believes in focusing on the design intent throughout the development of your project. In other words, Efficient Presence is focused on results. Whenever question arise, we ask ourselves how the decision will impact the final results you wish to achieve.

As an example, the design intent for Gentle Doberman was simple: Help Dobermans. This is being accomplished by educating current and prospective Doberman parents with expert-written articles and an online community with a discussion forum. Throughout the initial construction and subsequent development of this website, we have continuously asked ourselves, "What will make Gentle Doberman more successful in helping Dobermans?" The success of this philosophy is evident. Gentle Doberman currently has over 3,000 members, close to 300 expert-written articles, over 65,000 user submitted posts, and averages 1500 unique visitors per day resulting in 6,000 pageviews (hits) per day.

Another example was the project for Warrick Railroad Consulting Inc. The design intent for this website was also simple: Produce inquiries. The owner of this consulting firm simply wanted to improve his business. To Efficient Presence this meant making his website visible on search engines with prominent contact information and an easy to use email contact form. This also meant that, as with most projects, the website needed to look highly professional and visually pleasing in order to legitimize the expertise of the consulting firm. The success of this project is not only evident in the additional inquiries to Warrick Railroad Consulting, but also in new work for Efficient Presence resulting from