Creating a Home Page

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Your website’s most important page is the home page. It is the main entrance to your website and makes the introduction between your organization and the visitor. The home page should make it evident what the website is for and who it represents.

Have you ever ended up at a website and wondered if you were in the right place? Even after reading through the home page content, have you still found yourself unsure as to the purpose of the website? We sure have, and we do not want this to happen to your website’s visitors. It is a bad habit many website owners are guilty of. They become so familiar with their own website that they forget its purpose may not be evident to others.

Efficient Presence likes to include two components on the home page written by the website owner. First is an introduction in the heading of the home page. This introduction might be incorporated into the logo, and may simply state the organization’s purpose: Efficient Presence Website Development Or, in the case of, it might consist of a mission statement: The Friendly Online Doberman Community.

The second component is the home page content. As we discussed in step 4: Creating Content, a website’s content is the key to its success. This is never truer than for the home page. This content should let the visitor know what the website is all about and direct the visitor to the most important parts.

The website is a great example. His logo clearly says who he is. Next is a short description of the consultant and his experience. We then included a list of his specialties, each linking to its own page fully describing the specialty. As soon as you land on this home page, you know exactly what the website is for and how it can help you.