Making a Key Words List

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If you want your website to appear at the top of search engine results, the next step is to create a “key words” list. This list will be helpful in two ways. First, it often develops into ideas for new content to add to your website in addition to basic pages. Second, a key words list will help Efficient Presence perform a key words analysis.

A good way to start this list is to brainstorm what information your visitors will be seeking, and include in the list any words or phrases that emerge. If your goal is to attract new customers or clients to you website, place yourself in their shoes. Imagine what phrases you might use to find the services, products, or information you wish to supply.

Another way to grow your list is by visiting competitors’ websites. See what information they offer, read through it, and include those subjects in your list. You might also try running a web search on the phrases in your list to discover similar phrases to add.

Using your list, Efficient Presence will perform a key words analysis, which consists of researching current statistical trends in what phrases people are actually using in search engines and how much competition there is for these phrases. This analysis will reveal which subjects and phrases will yield the best search engine results, and that will help guide creation of your website’s content.